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Lauren Irwin-Szostak shares the thoughts and beliefs that drive her at both work and home every day.

Month: May 2019


The Importance of Friendship and Connection

Friendship should be one of the pinnacles of our existence, yet too often, people overlook its importance. It is unfortunate that people as a whole are becoming increasingly more self-involved as a result of our evolving world with technology, fast-paced living, and work that consumes way too much of our lives. Society has generally grown […]


How to Rise Above it All

Facing struggles throughout life is inevitable and can feel debilitating, or even impossible to overcome at times. There is nothing that can be said or done that could ever change that truth, but the mentality in which we approach our individual hardships is what brings forth the greatest probability for rising above all of life’s […]


The Impact of Technology on Social Interactions

Advances in technology over the past several decades have changed the way people work, communicate, and engage socially. While keeping up with new technological advances is challenging in itself, the speed at which technology has impacted the social sphere is both exciting and bewildering. Such advances have triggered an entirely new set of social expectations […]

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