Unfortunately, homelessness is prevalent in our society and is a major concern. Most times, people are unable to overcome their problems and become homeless. Rather than simply pity the homeless, you can and should help them.

Educate Yourself
It’s a mistake to believe that people choose to become homeless. People become homeless for many reasons beyond their control, such as the inability to afford housing, divorce, or unemployment. Take the time to find out why someone is homeless instead of assuming they chose to do so. And along with educating yourself, respect the homeless. Don’t ignore them, embrace them. They’re people, too.

Donate items like clothing, food,  shoes, coats, books, blankets, and even small kitchen items. If you’re donating to a homeless shelter or organization, consider donating office supplies and electronics. And donate your time. Volunteer at a homeless shelter by offering to do office tasks or simply asking them where they need assistance.

Reach Out
Invite a homeless person to visit your local church or a community event as a show of moral support. Search out job opportunities that could fit a homeless person, even menial jobs like yard work or painting.

Be an Advocate
This is perhaps the best way to help the homeless. Call your local shelter and ask what it needs. Hold a fundraiser to pool such items from your community. Speak up about homelessness at the next local civic meeting and start a discussion about finding solutions.

Regardless of how you help the homeless, keep them in the front of your mind. Respecting them and learning why they became homeless will go a long way in helping solve this societal problem.