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Lauren Irwin-Szostak shares the thoughts and beliefs that drive her at both work and home every day.


Diffusing Political Conversations

Everyone has experienced a social situation in which the conversation took an awkward, perhaps even ugly, turn. Around the dinner table and in civil society, few topics draw as much ire as politics. Avoiding that topic can be tricky and fraught with snares and pitfalls, particularly when one party believes the other will validate his […]


The Importance of Friendship and Connection

Friendship should be one of the pinnacles of our existence, yet too often, people overlook its importance. It is unfortunate that people as a whole are becoming increasingly more self-involved as a result of our evolving world with technology, fast-paced living, and work that consumes way too much of our lives. Society has generally grown […]


How to Rise Above it All

Facing struggles throughout life is inevitable and can feel debilitating, or even impossible to overcome at times. There is nothing that can be said or done that could ever change that truth, but the mentality in which we approach our individual hardships is what brings forth the greatest probability for rising above all of life’s […]


The Impact of Technology on Social Interactions

Advances in technology over the past several decades have changed the way people work, communicate, and engage socially. While keeping up with new technological advances is challenging in itself, the speed at which technology has impacted the social sphere is both exciting and bewildering. Such advances have triggered an entirely new set of social expectations […]


Otto Warmbier: Our Leader’s Unrequited Response

  Occupying a position of leadership carries great responsibility. Responsibility for those you lead and for the choices you make to protect, honor, and respect them. When confronted with great adversity suffered by a grieving American family, the President must stand strongly with them to ensure justice and support. The inconceivably heartbreaking case of Otto […]


The Homeless Population and Their Pets

You have likely encountered a homeless person with a pet by their side. You may have even passed judgment without understanding the profound importance of that relationship. While it might seem unusual at first glance, being homeless with a furry companion is actually more likely than you would think. On any given night, there are […]


The Shift in the Upbringing of Children in the Past Fifty Years

Within the past decade alone, the upbringing of children has completely shifted.  As society changes, so do effective methods of parenting. While the basics of raising a child haven’t altered dramatically, certain societal shifts and technological developments have compelled modern parents to use different strategies that their parents used the generation before. These new strategies may […]


Drew Brees: The Saint of New Orleans

When you hear the name Drew Brees, you likely think of a great football quarterback. While this is true, there is much more to Brees than meets the eye. Professional athletes can choose to do what they want with their impressive earnings, so it is especially remarkable and impressive when a player elects to donate […]

Core Values Do You Talk It Or Live It

Core Values: Do You Talk It or Live It?

When it comes to service, there are always people willing to offer their support for their local community. With an outpouring of support, there can sometimes be a gap for people who do follow through on their community commitments. Rather than just “talking the talk”, members of a local community should simply “walk the walk.” […]

Caring For Elderly Parents

Caring for Elderly Parents

The parent-child relationship changes continually throughout a lifetime. Parents morph from heroes to role models to mentors to confidants, but the strength of our bonds can undermine the relationship’s final metamorphosis: the role reversal of becoming a caregiver for your parent. The transition may start with helping them arrange and attend doctor and lab appointments, […]

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